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Portland Maine Dance Classes

NOTE: All class are taught by independent instructors. Contact the teacher to register for a class. Learn more about classes on the Classes Page!

Rosa Noreen
Ballet Basics for Adults
Mondays 7:30 PM - Floor Barre (Online)
Wednesdays 6:00 PM - Beginner II Ballet (Online + In-Person)
Belly Dance
Mondays 6:00 PM - Belly Dance Level 2 (Online)
Wednesdays 11:00-11:50 AM - Lunchtime Shimmy (Online)
Wednesdays 7:30 PM - Belly Dance Level 3 (Online + In-Person)
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Rosa Noreen, one of the co-founders of Bright Star World Dance, is a professional belly dancer who has taught classes locally for many years, as well as sharing her love of belly dance through workshops and performances nationwide. Rosa loves seeing the "I can do this!" light appear in the eyes of a student. She provides a warm and supportive environment for people of all fitness levels and genders, ages 14+.

Rosa's Grace Academy helps dancers add depth and dimension to their work so they grow in confidence to take their places on stage and in the world. Drawing on her background in ballet and visual arts, combined with a passion for Egyptian and American belly dance, she is known for her elegant lines and emotional performances.

Jamie Cancelliere
Mondays 6:00 PM - Vin/Yin Kundalini Fusion

Veeva Banga
Afro-Beats & Hip Hop Workshops

Veeva Banga was born in South Sudan. She has been dancing for most of her life. She has studied a variety of dance styles but her favorite will always be Afro-Beats. It's more than just a dance style that she enjoys; it's a way for her to stay in touch with her roots. Teaching Afro-Beats allows her to share her culture with others locally.

Kinky Slippers

Kinky Slippers is a burlesque performer based in Portland, Maine. She has been dancing professionally around the state for over 8 years, and in burlesque she has found strength and confidence that she aims to give back to the community. She has produced multiple burlesque shows as well as hosted and choreographed in many burlesque productions, working with performers of varying skill levels. And now she is hoping to share her knowledge with aspiring new dancers and experienced dancers alike!

Joie Grandbois

Dancer, choreographer, musician, writer…storyteller. Whether she is using the medium of dance, rhythm or words Joie seeks to bring to life the character present in a creative work. A lifelong dancer Joie entered the world of belly dance through the side door of raqs gothique after falling in love with its dramatic storytelling nature. Her dance explorations have also led to a study of cabaret and Turkish styles of the dance expanding her love of the art form. She is also a student of Middle Eastern percussion, specifically the riqq, and has a love of playing the zills. Blending the arts of music and theater with the improvisational nature of belly dance she brings drama, humor and an appreciation for the unexpected to the stage.

In teaching theatrical belly dance Joie seeks to share not only technique but to also create a safe space for dancers to explore and step beyond their creative boundaries. She hopes to initiate the conversation between artist and muse so that each dancer may connect with and express their own unique voice.

She is the founder and director of the street vaudeville performance troupe Dark Follies which formed in 2008 and performs as a solo artist around New England. She teaches movement in Portland, Maine at Bright Star World Dance.

Heather Powers
Heather has relocated to Boston, MA, but she will return for occasional workshops and special sessions. Stay tuned!
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Heather Powers is a devoted belly dance performer and instructor based in Portland, Maine, and a Bright Star World Dance Management Team member. Her style is heavily influenced by her experience as a visual artist. Heather's desire is to create a transformative experience by filling space with strong, clean graceful movements captivating audiences.

She diligently trains worldwide with renowned belly dancers. Heather has contributed to the New England belly dance community as a host of workshop weekends and as a producer of local shows. Her most recent achievements include: Rachel Brice's 8 Elements™ Phase 1: Initiation Passed, cross-training as a Pilates mat and yoga instructor; and joining the management team at Bright Star World Dance.

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