Request for Instructor Proposals:
Specialty Class Series

We are now accepting proposals for Thursday evening specialty classes at Bright Star World Dance. We encourage local and regional teachers within driving distance to apply.

Application Deadline

This is a rolling application. Proposals will be considered periodically.

Class Logistics
  • Day and Time: The first three Thursdays of each month, 7:30-8:30 PM
  • Cost to Students: $40-50/session prepaid depending on date of registration; $20/drop-in; $17/drop-in if prepaid.
  • Instructor Compensation: 50% of gross class fees paid by students
  • Minimum Enrollment: 5-student minimum enrollment is the default to run the class. However, this can be modified by request of the instructor.
How to Apply:

Submit the form below by the deadline listed above.

You MUST fill out the application completely and on time in order to be considered.

Be sure to read this page in full before submitting your application. Incomplete and late applications will be discarded. Email us with any questions at all.

More Info:

Selected instructors will each teach a series of three classes on the first three Thursdays of the month, 5:30-6:45 PM at Bright Star World Dance in Portland, ME.

The classes may all focus on one topic for in-depth study OR they may each be a different topic. We are not looking for proposals to teach, for instance, a "belly dance choreography." If you are proposing to teach a choreoraphy, it needs to have a specific goal. The more detail you can give to us about what you hope for students of your class to obtain, the better.

These classes are intended for all levels of dancers.

In the proposals from instructors, we are looking for:

  • All genres of dance, to help broaden the classes available in Portland
  • Non-dance classes that are to the benefit of dancers
  • Complete proposals that are easy to comprehend

Instructors who are accepted are encouraged to promote their master class series to their students and their mailing list. Since compensation is percentage-based, this will help instructors to increase their earnings.

Bright Star World Dance will list the series on our website, in our email newsletter and on flyers, as well as encouraging teachers at Bright Star to tell their students about the series.

Sessions are priced at $45 for "early bird" registration, which expires one week before the start of the session. This is to encourage students to sign up early. If we do not have the minimum number of students by that time, we will confer with the instructor to decide whether or not the class will run.

Bright Star World Dance will manage registration through our website. We will pay the instructors as 1099 contractors by check at the conclusion of the each session . Instructors must submit a W-9 form prior to receiving payment.

Instructor Application Form